Jim Young, the owner of Jim Young Laundry Equipment, probably says this best:

“Our primary focus is service. We believe that if it’s broken we can fix it. When we started out in the washer and dryer repair business it was our only focus to service and only replace equipment if it was the only way. In those occasional situations where replacement laundry equipment is required, it became evident that we needed to add a great line of equipment to our five-star service. Being dealers for Tolon, one the the world’s premier manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment, has made that possible.

Now we have service technicians in all western Canadian provinces. When you call on us to fix your washer or dryer we will not let you down. I’m not one for bragging but I must say our competitors have actually called on us to help them in certain technical situations. In return we support our competitors by purchasing some parts from their lines of equipment.

I was once told that every salesman says they have the best products at the best prices. But none of them can ever say they have the best service. That’s where we set ourselves apart from the other companies. As a premier technical service company, we have access to manufacturer’s tech support from all over North America and Europe. I can honestly say we’ve never had to throw our hands in the air with defeat.

I’m very proud of our technicians, whose ages span more than a generation, giving us an unprecedented knowledge base from which to draw. When you need a washer/dryer repair person, we’re there for you. In fact, our cellphone numbers are labeled on each and every machine we’ve serviced! And if you haven’t noticed, we don’t have automated answering system. We want you to call us directly. In many situations, we can help you fix your washer dryer over the phone, avoiding a service call.

You can always call our office and talk with my life and business partner, Diane. She’s the first line in our service team and she’ll happily evaluate your situation and put you onto one of our techs that’s in your area.”

Jim Young

Preventative Maintenance

We can provide you with a preventative maintenance program for new or used equipment, whether you purchased it from us or elsewhere.

Tailored to your needs, amount of use, and budget, we can provide you with a PM program to help ensure that your laundry equipment is running at peak efficiency, as consistently as possible.

Jim Young Laundry Routine Maintenance 2
Jim Young Laundry Routine Maintenance 1

Jay is performing a couple of tasks from our multi-point preventative maintenance program. We test and repair every component in the washer or dryer, independent of the normal running cycle. This ensures your equipment is in perfect operating condition. Just like changing the oil in your car, if you don’t do it regularly, it’ll always cost you in the future!

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