Vended/ Coin Operated

vended industrial/commercial washer. 10kg to 60kg

Fast, easy setup. Easily transfer washing & chemical programs through USB ports on the machines. 

Easy loading & unloading with the wide-swing large loading door & the conical drum face

Large frontal soap dispenser for easy use & maintenanc. Choice of powder or liquid in each of the 5 or 6 compartments.

Your choice between traditional Coin Drop or save time with Card Payment

Instant overview of
machine status with
the smart indicator

Practical- More heat transferred to the drying air with the specially designed large transfer surface and steam coils.
Easy to remove lint formed during the drying process with the wide, easy to access air filters.

Maximize space with wide hatch sliding door- More adjacent dryers can be used as the space needed by the swing door is eliminated.