Feel Better with The Right Chemical

Jim Young Laundry is excited to announce our NEW partnership with West Penetone, a leading Specialty Chemical Manufacturer, to provide first-rate laundry chemical products.

Their products are manufactured to exacting standards and are approved by the CFIA.

For Over 26 years

 JYL has provided technical support for All the chemical suppliers in Western Canada. From changing pinch tubes to servicing their equipment when they weren’t able to, we have and always will be there for all of your laundry chemical needs.

Money Savings

We will help by reducing the number of cleaning products required, resulting in 30% less time in the wash cycle and extending the life of fabrics with very little chlorine.

By working with detergents and soaps that give you better results in less time and with less energy, JYL Equipment gives you savings benefits on many levels. You will know your fabrics are clean and sanitized with these products.

Click here for West Penetone’s website

Choosing chemicals for Industrial, Commercial, and Healthcare Sectors can be hard.
At JYL, we are here to help. Combined with our family's top-notch sales/service of laundry equipment, we can service all of your laundry needs.